An Interview with our IBM Programme Manager

At prestatyn at the mens welsh open strokeplay championships
Prestatyn Mens Welsh Open Strokeplay Championships 2019

Once again we are quizzing another member of the team… Adam Jones AKA Jonesy. He’s here to answer our first round of questions.

How long have you worked with TGC and how did it all start for you?

“I have been working with TGC for 5 years. I started off doing a spot as a guest speaker on injury management. Things quickly snowballed and I suddenly ended up running a programme.” 

Are you much of a golfer yourself and if so where do you play?

“Yes I play golf, my current handicap 1. I’m a member of a number of clubs but my home club is Prestatyn in North Wales.”

What was your Best Round ever? 

“Competition 67 (-5), Non competition 64 (-8)”

Impressive! If you had to pick one event to go to.. Masters or Ryder Cup?

“Masters, always wanted to go.”

What do you enjoy about working at TGC? 

“We have a great team, great working environment and world class facilites.”

Who’s your greatest golfer of all time?

“Tiger, because he changed golf.”

Your favourite hole at either St Mellion or Amendoeira? 

“St Mellion 12th Hole on the Nicklaus, Amendoeira 4th O’Connor”

Worst part of your job at TGC?

“Being away from family for long periods of time.”

This ones open ended.. any stories, anecdotes or things that have made you laugh/cringe with the students over the years?  

“We have the opportunity to work with a lot of great students and some terrible ones (only joking). The number of stories we have are never ending. We are a small team and student body, so we spend a lot of time with students. We get some great questions from students and some which will stay with you forever. A lot of our students are living away from home for the first time so cooking and food can be an issue. However, being asked where chicken thighs come from “Jonesy. Do chicken thighs come from chickens?” will stay with me a long time.”


Thanks Jonesy! If you’ve got a question for Adam why ask it in the comments section below?

An Interview with Tournament Golf’s Programme Manager

Here we are with Mark Fergusson-Smith AKA Sparks. He’s here to answer our first round of questions, incase you’re wondering he’s the rather tall fellow in the picture.

How long have you worked with TGC and how did it all start for you?

“I have worked with TGC for 2 years having worked for Cornwall College teaching sport for a further 6 years. The TGC role was advertised internally at Cornwall College and Alex’s former boss, who is a family friend, advised me to apply for the role.”

Well, we are glad to have you with us. So .. do you play golf and where?

“My current handicap is 7 and I’m a member at St. Austell golf club in Cornwall.”

Where and what was your Best Round ever?

“My best round was 71 (+2) at St.Austell which was good enough to win the 2017 Higman Cup.”

If you had to pick one event to go to.. Masters or Ryder Cup? Why? 

“Has to be the Masters, just to see Augusta.”

What do you enjoy about working at TGC? 

“Working with talented, driven and committed athletes.”

Who is your greatest golfer of all time? Why? 

“Tiger Woods, no need to explain.”

Your favourite hole at either St Mellion or Amendoeira?

“8th on the O’Connor at Amendoeira, awesome golf hole with stunning scenery particularly late in the afternoon on a calm and warm day.”

Worst part of your job at TGC?

“Avoiding boredom between march and September!”

 This ones open ended.. any stories, anecdotes or things that have made you laugh/cringe with the students over the years? 

“Probably not the most professional story, but it still demonstrates determination, commitment and stamina which are key attributes to succeed at TGC! Last year a 2nd year student refused to pay for a taxi home from a nightclub in Plymouth back to the student accommodation in Saltash. So he walked the 12 miles and despite arriving home at 5am still attended the 9am lecture to a round of applause as he walked into the classroom!”


Thanks Sparks! Want to ask Mark a question? Why not leave a comment below?

An Interview with our Head of College

First on our list of those involved with TGC to interview has to be the Head of College, Alex Lindsay. We asked him a few brief questions, similar to the ones we’ll be asking our other staff members along the way. Here’s what he had to say:

How long have you been involved with TGC and where did it all start for you?

“I’ve worked at TGC since the start 11 years ago or so. I was part of the original team that validated our first degree, it was all very small back then.”

After being involved for over a decade, you must be good at golf yourself?

“I do play golf… very badly! I play off 18 (just), I’m a member at Amendoeira in Portugal – which is very handy as I can walk out of the office straight onto the golf course.”

Whats the best round you’ve ever played and where were you?

“Difficult one! I don’t have many great rounds do you included crazy golf? No seriously, it was probably with my wife in Scotland. We played on a tiny course where you paid your green fee in an honesty box. Its not because I played well but just the company, the course and the views out across the sea made for a very special day.”

It sounds perfect! So what is it about TGC that you really enjoy that keeps you working here?

“It’s the environment, the staff and students love what we do. You can’t get a better job!”

You mentioned being a member at Amendoeira, out of the two campuses Amendoeira and St Mellion do you have a favourite hole to play?

“16 on the Faldo at Amendoeira, the view is amazing!”

Your greatest golfer of all time? And Why? 

“Simple and easy Seve. He had such an ability to get himself out of all the trouble that I get into on the golf course!”

If you had to pick one event to go to.. Masters or Ryder Cup? Why? 

“It has to be the last day of the Ryder Cup – especially if it’s close. Just for the theatre.”

Worst part of your job at TGC?

“Driving the minibuses back to the airport in March, by that time the students have gone and everything goes quiet for a bit before we get ready for the next season.”

We believe you! I bet you’re glad of the break! Talking of breaks nows the time to take a break ourselves.


If you have any questions you’d like to ask Alex, why not leave a message in the comments below?

Our First Blog!

Welcome to the new blog section at TGC! It’s with a smile and a wave that we open this new endeavour. You’ll have to imagine the glistening red ribbon being cut as you read on into our minds, as we discuss why we do what we do, who we are and why golf really is an education worth pursuing. 

By now you may already know who we are in a generic sense. We are TGC, or in full Tournament Golf College – acronyms are wonderful for keeping things easy to remember. But you may not know who we are? Are we all tall, dark and handsome? Are we all athletic, healthy, charismatic and charming? Do we all love golf, and do we even play golf? The next few weeks and months will unravel the world in which we live and help you to answer some, if not all of those questions. The blogs will range from the student view of university life, to the lecturers view of student strife. 

To that end, we close our opening blog. Hopefully leaving you hungry for more!


Tristan Lindsay 

Business Manager (and Head Blogger)