Our First Blog!

Welcome to the new blog section at TGC! It’s with a smile and a wave that we open this new endeavour. You’ll have to imagine the glistening red ribbon being cut as you read on into our minds, as we discuss why we do what we do, who we are and why golf really is an education worth pursuing. 

By now you may already know who we are in a generic sense. We are TGC, or in full Tournament Golf College – acronyms are wonderful for keeping things easy to remember. But you may not know who we are? Are we all tall, dark and handsome? Are we all athletic, healthy, charismatic and charming? Do we all love golf, and do we even play golf? The next few weeks and months will unravel the world in which we live and help you to answer some, if not all of those questions. The blogs will range from the student view of university life, to the lecturers view of student strife. 

To that end, we close our opening blog. Hopefully leaving you hungry for more!


Tristan Lindsay 

Business Manager (and Head Blogger)  

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